Press release - Information about the auctions

The Government Debt Management Agency (AKK) is closely monitoring international and domestic financial markets and Hungarian government bond market developments.  

Taking into account the current hightened market volatility AKK decided that the government bond switch auction planned for 18. March 2020. will not be held. With respect to the government bond auction planned for 26. March 2020, especially in relation to the 2030/A 10-year Hungarian government bond, AKK will make its decision on 23. March 2020. based on market developments. 

Budapest, March 12, 2020 

ÁKK Pte. Ltd.



    HGB and T-bill calculator
    Date: settlement date; minimum value: 01-01-2003; the date on which securities must be delivered and paid for to complete a transaction
    Type: DKJ - discount treasury bills, KTV - treasury bonds
    Convention: calculation method: ISMA (Act/Act) or EHM (Act/365 No Leap)
    Security: T-Bond or T-Bill denominated in HUF
    Yield %: yield to maturity, the percentage rate of return paid if the security is held to its maturity date
    Clean Price %: net present value of selected security, if it is not the input field, then = gross price% - acc. interest%
    Acc. Interest %: the amount of interest accumulated but not paid between the issue date or most recent payment and the settlement date
    Gross Price %: present value of selected security, if it is not the input field, then = clean price% + acc. interest%
    Face Value: optional positive integer value, Net Price, Acc. Ineterst and Gross Price will be recalculated
    Net Price: Clean Price% * face value
    Acc. Interest: Acc. Interest% * face value
    Gross Price: Gross Price% * face value